Lava Stucco

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Lava Stucco is a very versatile material that can be used for a variety of finishes. It is less absorbent than normal lime plaster and therefore is easy to use as a base coat for veiling. Most of our Lava finishes are made with this Lava stucco covered with Pearl Cream, the specific additive for Lava, applied either with the 'Veiling' technique or applied with spatula

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Lava Stucco finishes and application

All the Lava finishes need two applications. The first functions as an absorbent substrate. It should be left to completely dry before doing the next application.

The application is always done with a metal trowel, but other tools can be used for different effects, such as a plastic brush for the rain effect or combs for a ‘spazzolato’ effect.

It's material is a natural white, but can be coloured to any other tint.

Some additives go well with this product: Pearl Cream and Glitter Cream.

Pearl Cream is a metallic wax in Silver, Gold, Copper, or Bronze.

Glitter Cream is a gel with Silver Glitter.

Watch the application video.