Secure payment

Our secure payment

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Using Visa/Mastercard

Pay with your card or bank account (for customers in Nigeria). Secure, easy and convenient. Making choice of what products to get could be hard but making payment should not be. We have simplified the whole ordering process to lessen the time required. 

IMPORTANT! International Customers

Here're a few things to know about your ability to make international payments:

  • Please note that these payments will be processed and debited from you in Nigerian Naira.
  • Your bank determines the conversion rate. This means that your bank is responsible for how much you will be charged in your own currency.
  • You can only make payments with a card issued in your current location - for example: a customer in Canada should pay with a card issued in Canada.
  • In case of fraudulent transactions, Paystack will reverse the transaction, and deduct the amount from the Paystack balance of Stucco Italiano West Africa Ltd.

Kindly let us know if you have any further questions, and thanks once again for choosing us!